Role of DIRD

Directorate of Irrigation Research & Development (DIRD), Pune is the only Organization of its kind under the Irrigation Department of Government of Maharashtra. No other State in the Country has such a full fledged setup under their Government to takle the problems of Water Logging & Soil Salinity in the Irrigated Lands.

As per the Maharashtra Government rules of business made under article 166 of the Constitution of India (Ref. Maharashtra Govt. , Rules of Business , General Administration Dept. , Sachivalaya , Mumbai , 26th August 1965) Maharashtra Govt. allotted following subject to Irrigation & Power Department.
13 - Preparation & execution of Drainage Schemes for improvement of Water-Logged areas.

Under this background , the organization of DIRD has been has been strengthened in course of time & upgraded to full fledged directorate in 1969 & designated as "Directorate of Irrigation Research & Development". The jurisdiction of DIRD is spread over the State & it has 8 field divisions & 35 sub-divisions in the various Agro-climatic zones.

It covers wide range of activities in Pre and Post irrigation. The DIRD takes care of health of irrigated soil through continuous observations , monitoring and suggesting preventative and remedial measures. The DIRD has taken a leading role in educating farmers through periodicals and TV programs. A few of the activities undertaken by DIRD are enlisted on next page :



Activities of DIRD :

  1. Pre irrigation Soil Survey in the commands of irrigation projects.

  2. Post irrigation Soil Survey in Commands of irrigation projects through monitoring EC and pH of Soil and Water Samples. 

  3. Applied Research in irrigation management , soil management and ground water management. 

  4. Periodical monitoring and Demarcation of affected areas of canal command areas. Click here for the information about canal wise assignment to field divisions for this activity.

  5. Preparation of plans and Estimates of Drainage schemes , for the subsurface water.

  6. Construction and Maintenance of completed Drainage schemes.

  7. Monitoring of completed Drainage Schemes.

  8. State Level Monitoring of Water Users' Association Activities.

  9. Fixation of 'X' Limit.

  10. Participation in various agricultural exhibitions.

  11. Publication of Quarterly magazine "Maharashtra Sinchan Vikas"

  12. Co-ordination of Doordarshan and Irrigation Department for telecasting the programs for Farmers.